Abu Dhabi, the February 1, 2014:
The Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi for the renewal of the management agreement, commercial buildings affiliate signed with its trap Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate subsidiary of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, following the success that has been achieved during the past five years. This came during the visit by HE Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Department of Finance to the headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate, the presence of HE Issa Mohammed Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and HE Mohammed Sultan Al Hamli Director General of the Department of Finance, and Mr. Ahmad Badr Al Qubaisi,Director management of commercial buildings and residential loans and Mr. Alaa Erekat, chief executive of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and chairman of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate. This visit initiated an inspection tour around the Abu Dhabi Company for Real Estate, during which he briefed Al Suwaidi on the mechanism of the functioning of the company as well as to meet the staff and learn about the nature of the services provided by the company to its customers.


The renewal of this contract in the context of the pursuit department continued to strengthen the strategic partnership with the private sector and aimed to be involved in the process of economic development of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, in addition to supporting the stability of the real estate market and provide better services to the owners of commercial buildings and tenants and all its clientele.

Under the agreement signed with the Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi in April 2007, was entrusted to the bank management of commercial buildings in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi Department for loans of commercial buildings in the circuit formerly known as the Department of Social Services and Commercial Buildings "of the Khalifa Committee", where he was responsible for the management of these buildings by Company Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate.


The distribution of commercial buildings, which are the two companies are administered in all areas of the emirate of Abu Dhabi to Al Ain city through the western region and ending with area goods and Dalma Island, where the payment of this geographical spread of properties, the company is to create an electronic system to track operations and services, rental of buildings in their locations based on team work specialized experts in the fields of construction and real estate.


Commenting on the renewal of this agreement, HE Hamad Al Hurr Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Department of Finance - Abu Dhabi: "The renewal of this agreement with Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, as part of our ongoing commitment to support the local community, especially the owners of commercial buildings of the citizens of the state as well as tenants and construction companies, real estate and other Dhuoa of the relationship, and through the provision of high-quality real estate services in line with the best international standards adopted in this area. This agreement will also contribute to the stabilization of the real estate market through the development of performance in accordance with the regulations and legal standards applicable in the Emirate.

For his part, HE Eissa Al Suwaidi, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank said: "We are proud of the confidence given by the Department of Finance of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and strive to be always on as much of this precious trust through our commitment to make diligent efforts to serve the community, said that the company's mission, which aims to provide services the credibility of the citizens and residents of the state reinforce our role in participating in the construction boom and the development of the real estate sector in the country in line with the strategy of the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and from Economic Vision 2030. "

Commenting on the agreement signed said Alaa Erekat, chief executive of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank and Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate: "The strategic vision of the company include working to revitalize the management of a lot of construction projects across the country to become among the leading companies in the provision of property management services and projects in accordance with the highest international standards, and through qualified staff is able to manage a property portfolio of this size and competition in the provision of appropriate services by ensuring Quality And enhance Transparency and activate Doracharkh in the community What amounts to the expectations of the customers and provide solutions that meet their needs. "


He added that the two Abu Dhabi Commercial Properties and Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services offer their customers a high level of real estate services, which include managing the construction and completion of projects at the highest levels of quality, as well as asset management services and real estate portfolios in the long run, facilities management, relationship management tenants and the provision of services variety under one roof, in coordination with the competent official authorities as services deliver water, electricity and telecommunications services contract documentation and granting authorizations "positions" of the vehicles.


And operates Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate currently has more than 61 thousand units of residential and commercial in all regions of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the Department of the establishment of the buildings through the Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services, and the Department of Real Estate, which include villas, apartments, shops and office space and industrial facilities. The company has made ​​great efforts in the quest to ensure occupancy most of which run within the real estate portfolio, where the percentage occupancy of about 97.5%.


While the Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services of the subsidiaries of Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, an arm of the engineering of the bank, and complementary to the work of the Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate, undertaken to provide support and assistance to citizens who obtained the government's approval to grant housing loan, where engineers Abu Dhabi Commercial Engineering Services in collaboration with Advisory Office designated by the customer to choose designs for the property and follow-up of construction and development until the final acceptance of the drug.


Seeking two Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate and engineering services is always to contribute to the development of national human resources based on the directives of the wise leadership of the UAE and the belief in the importance of strengthening national identity, and this is reflected in the application of the policy of resettlement through the appointment of cadres citizenship efficient and develop training programs to attract, train, motivate and retain the children of the state of citizens and give them a chance to move towards achieving a successful career in the various areas where the percentage of resettlement in the company of more than 54 %.


As a result of the confidence given by the strategic partners of the company departments and institutions, governmental and non-governmental organizations have been able to Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate expanded its business to include the management of many of the modern enterprise venture Raha Beach Gardens project ventricle and complex Hili residential area Hili in Al Ain. The company offers its services to the public through 8 Branches and service offices spread throughout the country, which supports the level of services provided in the management of buildings and real estate. The company since its founding more than management 2,600 Drug, which has benefited more than 8 thousand owner during the past five years.


It also operates call centers and support offices and support the company's Clock customer service both at the level of tenants or landlords, where the call center to communicate with the public and respond to their feedback and listen to their suggestions and receives more than 1,000 calls a day and are responding to at the hands of competent staff fluent in both Arabic and English, during a period ranging between 24 to 72 hours and calls are classified according to how important and necessary, especially with regard to maintenance and security. Also be follow-up and study the extent of customer satisfaction with the services provided, where the percentage of customer satisfaction and 84% according to the latest statistical studies that have taken place recently. As well as text messaging service both to customers seeking residential units for lease or current tenants, as the company has also introduced an electronic system developed and specializes in the management of real estate portfolios and follow-up operations and rental services for the buildings as well as to ask a search engine Website for Real Estate includes features and locations of the units as well as leasing rates assigned to them, which provides an opportunity for real estate search required easily and conveniently with the development of the quality of services offered in the company's offices, it became the client can accomplish the treatment of lease renewal during a period of about 30 minutes.


Underscoring the continued excellence of the company in the field of real estate development and its leading role in the field of real estate management, got Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate for the second time on the certificate ISO 2008: 9001 by "Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance" global for 3 more years. The company has received this prestigious certification as a clear over the efforts and commitment to apply the highest standards of quality and excellence.


Launched Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate a series of initiatives aimed at the development of all areas concerned with the preservation of security and public safety and the reduction of fires in furtherance of the efforts in this regard by the General Directorate of Civil Defence in Abu Dhabi. Accordingly, the company is currently applied protocol for health and safety and training people are selected in each building on first-aid and fire-fighting methods. The company is also the initiative of installing new locks for windows and balcony doors insurance to protect the children of tenants in accordance with the directives of the Department of Municipal Affairs in Abu Dhabi for securing the safety of children in high-rise buildings. Also contributed to the company's efforts to reduce insurance fees on real estate by more than 50% during the past three years with the expansion of insurance coverage to include areas and additional facilities for the real estate portfolio, which led to savings in costs significantly in favor of the landlords.


In line with the strategy of the Government of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, signed Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate and the municipality of the city of Abu Dhabi, a memorandum of cooperation to activate and implement a system of "documentation" regarding the recording of data real estate leasable contracts and rental launched by the municipality in 2011 based on the decision of the Executive Board (4) for the year 2011 on the rules and procedures registration of leases in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, the system of "documentation", which stipulates the need for coordination with all competent authorities on the application of its provisions and linked with an electronic recording leases, where the Abu Dhabi Commercial Real Estate is the first real estate company issued contracts closer to tenants.

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